TileDB manages massive dense and sparse multi-dimensional array data that frequently arise in important scientific applications
Array data management made fast and easy
What is TileDB
TileDB manages data that can be represented as dense or sparse arrays. It can support any number of dimensions and store in each array element any number of attributes of various data types.
Novel Format
TileDB introduces a novel multi-dimensional array format that effectively handles both dense and sparse data with fast updates
TileDB is process-/thread-safe and supports asynchronous IO, making it easy to write efficient parallel computational engines on top
TileDB is developed in C/C++ with low-level optimizations, targeting at superb performance
TileDB exposes a C library that makes it easy to integrate with higher-level languages, such as Python, R, Matlab and Excel
TileDB offers a variety of compression mechanisms, such as GZIP, BZIP2, LZ4, ZStandard, Blosc, double-delta and run-length encoding
Multiple Backends
TileDB is optimized to work on multiple storage backends, such as HDFS, S3, Google File System and more
Multi-dimensional data arise from numerous applications, such as genomics, medical imaging, geospatial, financial time series and social graphs
TileDB v1.1.0 (beta)
  • Sparse/Dense array support
  • Multiple compression mechanisms
  • Integration with HDFS
Under Construction
  • Integration with S3 and GFS
  • Python/R/Matlab/Excel bindings
  • Ingest from BAM, VCF, LAS, and more formats
  • Encryption
  • Access Control
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